We do deodorant naturally...but differently

24-hr Odor Protection. Gentle on skin. No tackiness or grittiness. The way deodorant should be.


    Our cream-to-solid deodorant in a convenient pump dispenser perfect for on-the-go

    I'm so glad you're here

    Hi I'm Marion, creator of Whipped Willow deodorant and I'm so happy you stopped by!

    After having deodorant struggles for most of my life, I never thought I'd be excited about deodorant but here I am!

    I created Whipped Willow because I was tired of buying deodorants that simply didn't work the way I needed them to. I knew it could and should be better, and it has become my mission to help people with similar struggles.

    Let's be honest, we would ditch deodorant altogether if we could, right? 🙋 But if you can't, you deserve to enjoy every experience and every adventure, wearing deodorant you don't feel ❤️