What is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?


Antiperspirants contain aluminum to prevent sweating, while deodorants do not. When using a deodorant, you may feel more wetness due to the body's natural production of perspiration.  Whipped Willow is formulated to control body odor and wetness!


What is Whipped Willow? What makes it different than the rest?


Whipped Willow combines the deodorizing power of zinc with a touch of Willow Bark Extract. The result is one amazing deodorant! Whipped Willow has a light, smooth texture that dries like a solid. Here are a few more reasons Whipped Willow deodorant will become your new favorite:


  • It’s aluminum & baking soda-free and designed for maximum odor protection!
  • Whipped Willow neutralizes body odor instead of covering it up
  • It's full of natural, skin-safe ingredients
  • Our scents are wonderful and made using quality essential and fragrance oils. New or seasonal scents will be introduced occasionally so there's always something new! 

Important things to do to ensure your aluminum-free deodorant experience is a success:

  • Cleanse underarms thoroughly (and gently) TWICE daily 
  • Make sure underarms are completely dry before applying
  • Apply aloe vera gel to soothe underarm irritation
  • Gently exfoliate underarms periodically
  • Apply a gentle astringent such as witch hazel for a quick cleanse
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and be aware of consuming foods that may increase body odor
  • Last but not least, STAY HYDRATED! Drink ample water to keep your body temperature and underarms as cool and dry as possible.

 *Although Whipped Willow is formulated to pamper your underarms, as with any product, some people may experience a reaction to one of the ingredients. For example, some individuals have a sensitivity to essential oils. If you think this may be the case, please consider trying our unscented formula.

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