My Journey


A little about my journey…

Several personal challenges started me on the path to the peace and space I needed to create Whipped Willow. An agonizing 12-year battle with fibromyalgia pain and the loss of multiple close family members (two to cancer and another to suicide) prompted me to pursue a life focused on destiny, purpose, and happiness.

My journey led to a seven-month work assignment in Juneau, Alaska. It was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. I was challenged to grow both personally and professionally, laying the foundation I needed to become a business owner.

Shortly after my return, MENOPAUSE started! Yikes! I’m sure some of you can relate. Along with the signature hot flashes and night sweats, my body odor was no longer controlled by the antiperspirant I was using (odor control has always been an uphill battle for me). I decided to try a few of the popular aluminum-free deodorants on the market, but they were also ineffective.

So, I began to immerse myself in perfecting a highly effective formula, and Whipped Willow was created!  I am so excited to share this wonderful product with you and all who seek effective deodorant protection.

Most importantly, Whipped Willow's purpose is much more than deodorant. It is about community, collaboration, growing together, and giving back. In times that may feel uncertain, Whipped Willow is committed to providing inspiration and doing lots of good. Thank you so very much for your purchase and for helping us do our part. 

Continue taking great care of your temple, inside and out!



Founder and Creator, Whipped Willow